Financed Projects

The formula is very simple. By “adopting” the family of the Locanda (and its structures) while travelling in Peru , you will contribute to the automatic financing
of two projects dedicated to children. The funds will be directly and honestly managed by the Locanda family and distributed according to the requirements
of each projects. The guest house Piccola Locanda will give US$0.50 per guest, the restaurant US$0.50 per table and the agency Peru Etico a “project quota”
per each tour sold.

Three structures, two projects and one family…
We are looking forward to seeing you!

“Centro integrale Magie delle Ande” (Huaro - Cusco):
Right now it takes care of 25 children with different deficiencies such as deafness, syndrome down, motor handicaps, etc. The initiative of this project was taken
by the Association “Magie delle Ande” of Venice ( Italy ) which inaugurated
the new head office in August 2005. The centre includes a school, a dormitory
and a therapy centre where all children's handicaps are treated. Last year our support covered medical needs and contributed to the qualification and specification of the staff.
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“Casa Familia Mosoq Runa” (Urubamba – Cusco ):
Right now it takes care of 15 children coming from familias where they were running risk. The management of the project is held by the Association “ Urubamba ” of Turin. In that home located in a poor district of Urubamba,
Ada Stevanja fights for creating a warm and family atmosphere making of these 15 children “new people”, which is the quechua name of that care home.Last year thanks to our support, two workshops (ceramics and sewing) were built and the children were able to learn a potential job.
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