Friends, in a near or far-distance…
These are some web pages of our friends in Italy or in other part of the World. We hope that there will be much more soon.
[page dedicated to Peru ; indispensable to organize a good travel.
From our friend Gabriele]
[very original art craft workshop, ceramics raku of Claudia]
[the most important festival dedicated to worldwide percussions organized by a great guy called Roberto]
[Do you want the same page as this one??? You'll get a nice one as this one thanks to Ivan and the 2 Lucas]
[flats for holidays in Umbria with the charming company of Alessio, Valeria and their 4 sons]
[Babies of alpacas in the fantastic valley of Niccone PG de Gianni and Marisa]
[A festival you must go to. Terry Gilliam is the artistic director who gives his projections in the centre]
[3 days of pure madness with our best friends… thanks for everything]

[Everything you've ever wanted to know about light]
[Our favourite group… Viva Luchino!!]
[Domenico, childhood friend and his Mexican B&B, just have a look....]
[Cristiano, traveller, illustrator and photographer, incredible!]
[ the web of a big traveller, you need to see it to believe it...]

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