The Piccola Locanda

Our house is welcoming with its bright-coloured walls, green doors, plants and flowers. In the morning you can smell the nice aroma of coffee.

The Piccola Locanda is located in the Resbalosa Street , well-known for its steep stairs linking the Plaza de Armas to the old district of San Cristobal The hotel is considered as the soul of the FAMILY” , the oldest daughter.

Born in March 2004, it is at one and the same time young and mature.
Its 11 bedrooms are named after the persons who lived there in the past:
the Chávez , Camila's family.

Our idea was to create a warm home, a port or a hut where you will feel at home,
a free and anticonformist place where ideas can be exchanged or simply a place where we can stay together or chat in front of the chimney.
We do have some other extra services that will please you, that's for sure!
Free internet access, WI FI, books exchange, TV room, DVD library, an amazing view from the terrace and the possibility to use the kitchen.

Welcome to the Piccola Locanda, your sweet home in Cusco...

Where are we located??? Here:

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