“Locandieri” and Staff

Here is our family. After so many years travelling with our rucksack, we decided one day to settle down and have a dreaming job: the house, the restaurant and the agency are the things that we would have liked to find worldwide, a place that we love and for people we love.

What are you waiting for to come and visit us? You will love it!!!
Our family is small, composed of 4 people and of an incredible staff.
Let's introduce ourselves…

(the “Locandiere”) (43 years old from Saronno) Ex graphic-publicist with the old dream of so many youngster from the 70's: to escape and open a hostel in Latin America .

Camila (37 years old from Lima ) Ex psychologist, with the hobby of making ceramics, and very happy to know mad foreign people (let's be careful, flirting with her is forbidden as we are happily married).

Luna (13 years old from Gubbio) Ex child, official voice of the Locanda, very talkative and paint lover (especially wall painting).

Noè (7 years old from Cusco ) Ex suckling, the only “Cusqueñito” of the family with the desire of exploring the world… causing him few accidents.

The Locanda Staff
Always there to satisfy your desire (well, not all of them!). We rely on Camila , Ainin and Camilo on reception to communicate in most languages and also in sign language. Violeta and Margot , the dynamic sisters, who leave everything shiny. Joseph , the super night porter, always there to open the door at any time and John who deals with pick-ups at the airport.

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